Merino Wool Pouf

Merino Wool Pouf

Add a little natural texture to your living space! Our Merino Wool Poufs are perfect to relax and unwind on.

  • Hypo-allergenic, non flammable

Our wool poufs are a natural and sustainable, the wool fibers can simultaneously provide insulation and breathability, and naturally flame resistant, our wool offers luxurious year round comfort, making for a comfortable and healthy living space.

Filling  (orders are delivered without filling)
Fill with approximate 1/2 litre of standard beans. Ideally we would prefer if you choose a biodegradable and certified commercially compostable loose fill, made in NZ from PLA which is produced entirely from Maize starch. Water resistant and great for our ottomans but suitable for interior use only.  Here is the link below

Click here - Biodegradable and compostable beans

Our poufs are lined with a fabric inner for easy filling and extra strength and shape. A zip enables easy access for filling.

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