Our Story

We believe that product innovation, unleashes design potential. With over 23 years of working with textiles we know how to create natural products which make a difference to people’s lives.

Our goal is to establish a strong independent soft furnishings and floorings brand with a collection derived from the most sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and accessible of natural fibers, wool. New Zealand produces plenty of it and is already known to yield some of the best in the world.

Our initial focus will be on our partnerships with growers, suppliers and leading manufacturers, challenging convention and creating new markets in the Australasian architecture and design communities. 

A collection suitable for Hotels, styled apartments, homes with young families, holiday homes, luxury lodges and offices. Natural fine furnishings and decor bring with it elegance, sophistication and warmth.

Our passion is in developing break-through products and collaborating with the design community, from concept to completion, enabling our friends to push the boundaries of spacial design.